Small Business Solutions

As a small business owner, you are challenged with attracting and retaining the best employees. A qualified retirement plan could help you meet this challenge while allowing you to take advantage of some valuable tax benefits*. I can provide ERISA fiduciary services to assist you in selecting and retaining an investment manager from a suite of third-party managers evaluated by Eagle. I can also provide additional services to you as the plan sponsor and to your participants that are non-fiduciary and non-advisory. 

Once you have determined the appropriate qualified retirement plan for your business, my next step is to assist you with:

  • identifying leading investment managers
  • making informed decisions concerning the investment manager and its performance
  • reviewing proposals
  • creating a process to manage relationships with your service providers
  • managing relationships with nationally recognized record keepers
  • conducting participant education and enrollment services

In addition to offering the Eagle ERISA Retirement Plan Program, I can also assist you in my capacity as a New York Life agent through various financial and insurance strategies with:

  • protecting your investment in your small business
  • helping you keep your business in your family
  • planning for your retirement after you sell your business

*Neither Eagle Strategies nor New York Life or any of their representatives provides tax or legal advice.