Retirement Planning



At Eagle Strategies LLC we provide customized financial and insurance solutions designed to help you meet your unique financial goals.

Consider health, friends and financial back up plans

It’s easy to see retirement as the natural solution to job dissatisfaction, especially given how much pressure so many of us are under at work these days.  But the truth is that not everyone needs to or should want to retire. 

This path is windy and uneven, and unmarked in places.  You may be reaching the top of the proverbial financial mountain, but transitioning to the downhill side may present some different challenges (especially to your aching knees). It’s more like a windy maze at times than a large, wide-open thoroughfare with well-marked exits.  Whatever you are carrying is going to put more pressure on your knees and lower back.  You will be thankful that you have a hiking pole or two for stability. 

And, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Financial GPS in your pocket, that could provide you with turn-by-turn instructions as you make this transition to true financial independence?  Each of us has different life events and family dynamics to consider as we navigate our way forward.

The amount you will need in retirement depends on the age you plan to retire, your desired retirement lifestyle, how long you expect to live and the rate of return that you expect to earn on your investments. Social Security and employer-sponsored pension plans will probably provide less of what you will need than they did for your parents.  You will want to stress test your retirement spending against the income and income sources you expect to have.


Maximize Your Retirement Income


Typically, financial advisers are trained to help clients accumulate wealth.  But what happens in retirement?
Clients need to ensure that the wealth they have spent decades building will last through retirement, and maybe beyond.

Harris earned his Retirement Income Certified Professional Designation (RICP®) in 2016 to help you enjoy a secure and sustainable retirement, and build a comprehensive retirement income plan addressing your income needs and other financial goals: 

  • Choose your optimal retirement age
  • Plan for the risks faced in retirement like the uncertainties of:
    • life expectancy
    • inflation
    • health status
    • investment climate
  • ​Make claiming decisions that maximize Social Security benefits
  • Obtain health insurance coverage to supplement Medicare or provide coverage prior to Medicare eligibility
  • Prepare for late-life needs including long-term care, and other needs due to physical and mental decline
  • Consider ways to improve a plan by taking advantae of tax savings plans and other tax considerations

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